From: Jack Parker. 

Hey man,

It's down right embarrassing.

It makes her feel uncomfortable…




It's impossible to admire a man who can't ejaculate during sex. It goes against all of her basic feminine instincts. She may not consciously know all of this, she'll just whisper to her friends about you… and say things like:

“I don’t know what his problem is…”

"Is he cheating on me?"

"Is he gay!?"

…If this keeps up, she'll find a perfectly rational excuse to breakup with you. Trust me.

Delayed Ejaculation is like an unwelcome grit of sand that gets stuck underneath your eyelid. That tiny speck of sand can linger, fester, and infect. It can cause permanent damage—even blindness if it is ignored.

You need to treat, cure, and reverse the effects of Delayed Ejaculation…TODAY.

You can damage your relationship, your self confidence, or your penis!

If you wait, hesitate, or put this off

Your delayed ejaculation can and WILL become permanent…

Don't let D.E. destroy your sex lifenot when it is so surprisingly treatable.

It is actually possible to coax yourself back into a normal, healthy, orgasmic sex life—from the complete privacy of your home. Most men cannot solve this problem on their own, but with a little help, Delayed Ejaculation can be treated in a few powerful, and shockingly simple steps.

So Who Is Jack Parker And Why Should You Listen To Him?

One night in 2008 I banged my girlfriend like a workhorse for 4 hours straight.

Every muscle in my body ached, and quite frankly, my penis was almost numb. It was a special night though––if only because my girlfriend came 23 times

No joke.

She squirted so many times, we had to lay a blue tarp AND an extra blanket over my bed because my mattress was soaked all the way through. This was a pretty darn amazing night for my girlfriend.

Here's the deal though:

Most normal guys would have been proud of their good work. Some would brag about it to all of their friends. Some would inflate their egos. Some would start thinking of themselves as a sex god.

Truth be told, I should have felt pretty good about myself that night…But I didn't.

So Help Me God, I NEVER Wanted To Repeat That Night Again!

  • After the first hour, it was fun…
  • After the second hour, I was sweating bullets and I had the "finish line" in my mind's eye.
  • After the third hour, I had an oration of bottled up anger perfectly rehearsed in my mind.
  • And by the end, the sex felt like a backbreaking chore…I would have felt sexier churning butter for four hours instead!

That episode bugged me. 

I wondered how SHE could have 23 gushing orgasms––reaching levels of ecstasy I previously didn't know to be possible––while I, a young, athletic, 21 year-old-man, was plugged up like the Hoover dam.

I couldn't even share a tiny speck of my girlfriend's pleasure that night. It was impossible. In fact, after 4 hours of sex, I still had to "finish myself off" like some pre-pubescent dweeb.

What was wrong with ME?!

Why wasn't I normal??

And here's the most twisted part of it all:

She thought I was giving her the "stallion" treatment…

She thought I was trying to last long so that she could feel special…

She thought I was some sort of a sex god…

Here's the truth that I was too ashamed to ever admit––that she would have been mortally offended to discover:

It Would Have Been Easier To Move Mount Everest Than To Ejaculate! 

…After much effort, I learned how to reverse the effects of delayed ejaculation.

Here are a few things I no longer have to experience:

  • Straining and forcing to ejaculate.
  • "Finishing myself off…"
  • Awkward excuses about why I didn't cum.
  • Dreading sex before it happens…
  • Nagging thoughts during sex…
  • Feeling like sex is a chore
  • Confusing my lover. ("Why didn't he cum? Was it something I did?")
  • Disappointing my lover. ("He didn't cum. Again. I can't please him.")
  • Making her feel unsexy. ("He must think I'm ugly. Here's the proof…")
  • Complicating my relationship. (The cold shoulder…crying…tears…)
  • Letting resentments build. (The evil eye from her best friends…)
  • Getting accused of cheating…
  • Fearing that I will be dumped…
  • Raising suspicion about my sexuality…
  • Fearing that something is seriously wrong with my health…
  • Feeling embarrassed––like I am "less of a man"…
  • Obsessing about delayed ejaculation…
  • Being distracted in other areas of life…
  • Hiding my deep inner sadness from other people…
  • Feeling isolated and alone…
  • Feeling misunderstood…
  • Worrying about being "judged" if other people find out about my condition…
  • Fearing permanent delayed ejaculation…
  • Killing my self esteem…
  • Fearing that I will become one of those lonely old men who never has sex…


That's a lot of energy being burned on delayed ejaculation!

Today, not only can I ejaculate during sex, I am now as confident as a gorilla in bed and I also have a Zen-like awareness and control of my body. I am normal again.

In fact, if some "normal men"  have the sex drive of  a stallion, I am more like a bucking bronco!

So how did I cure my DE?

Well, it took a boatload of research and experimentation.

Here are the basic facts:

locomotoYour sexual processes are, in a sense, like a locomotive system.

In order for a train to make it's destination—ON TIME—all of the moving parts of the train have to be in good working condition.

With sex, you face a similar challenge. In order for you to "deliver your payload", all of your sexual processes—

  • Libido…
  • Fantasies…
  • Dopamine reward centers…
  • Your biological hardware…
  • Your chemical balances…
  • Your beliefs about sex and women…
  • Your relationship(s) and emotional connection…
  • Your awareness and sensitivity to touch…

—All of these processes must work!

In your case, and in the case of 98% of men who suffer from Delayed Ejaculation, your "locomotive system" has been derailed.

In other words, one of the "processes" that allows you to ejaculate has been reprogramed or redirected. It somehow conflicts with your natural ability to ejaculate, and so now, you cannot ejaculate during sex!

I am going to share 3 insights from my journey that you may find useful:

The Joystick Ride

One day, I went for a drive with my girlfriend.

She drove the car. We were coming from out of town. It was a relaxing route without much traffic. It was also nighttime. I randomly decided to play a kinky game: I was chatting with her just like normal…But there was something else happening in the background. She had one hand wrapped around my penis, gently stroking me up and down for the entire time we were on the highway!


At this point, it was over 40 minutes. We were simply playing this game to see what happened. She wasn't trying to "get me off"…she wasn't yanking me like a lawn mower cord…and I was not going to "try" to ejaculate. It was just a light movement and if anything, we were trying to keep chatting.

Just imagine:

Unlike all those other times I struggled to have sex, I was now trapped in a moving car…so sex was 100% off limits.

…And unlike all of those times my mind was dead focused on the goal or ejaculating, this time,  my mind was focused on the goal of chatting. I noticed that I was much more relaxed than usual AND much more aroused…

In other words, this was the tease of a lifetime!

I was in a state of agonizing, lip-biting desire…I ripped her clothes off as soon as I got home, and I had a full fledged orgasm that night!

Here's another tip that I learned later on:

"Getting Thirsty" Before Sex. 

I used to have sex when my girl was horny…or whenever it was Saturday night…or whenever I had an erection…but I realized that I wasn't necessarily in the mood to have sex.

Don't get me wrong, I THOUGHT I was in the mood…and I have slept with some smoking hot women…so I SHOULD have been in the mood… However, I learned that I couldn't trust my own erection.

Even with a boner, if I wasn't actually turned on I would not be able to ejaculate. It's almost like my own internal arousal switch had tripped and I had to manually go in and turn it back on in order to enjoyably have sex. 

Trying to "force" myself to ejaculate would NEVER work.

So how did I separate "having an erection" from being "bucking bronco" horny? I only had sex when I "got thirsty". 

This is so freaking weird, but it WORKS:

I would ignore my erection, and only pursue sex when my tongue was salivating and telling me that I wanted to devour this woman inside and out. Remember, I couldn't trust my own penis…So I relied on something else. "Getting Thirsty" did for me, what a seeing-eye dog does for a blind person. This worked INCREDIBLY well for me. Even today, I still think of sex in terms of how "thirsty" I am.

Imagine being able to know, sure as your heart is beating, that you are going to enjoy sex. Imagine getting a "backup control panel" which tells you what's happening inside of your body, even when your penis isn't doing what it's supposed to…so you can avoid the embarrassment and frustration that comes with delayed ejaculation…and actually have your own "get out of jail free" card that allows you to enjoy toe-curling orgasms whenever you like…just like you used to!

But there's more…

I took this idea even further…

Here is my biggest insight;

The Secret To Curing Delayed Ejaculation Is To Polarize Your Cock

WTF. Say what?!

Think of your penis as a magnet with a north and south pole. Have you ever seen two magnets pull each other together? Have you seen them resist each other and push apart?

Whenever I had sex, I could tell within a few seconds whether I would ejaculate at the end, or whether I would be thrusting for hours…I would know because I could either feel resistance, or I could feel a slight magnetic pull which told me that I wanted to give this woman my seed.

That tiny destinction would have a butterfly effect on my entire night. 

It’s like I became a “sex plumber”…
…capable of  adjusting my penis plumbing to get the right pressure and ejaculate whenever I wanted.

Wouldn't it be great to know how to manipulate your body and have complete "command and control" power over your it? I bet you just imagine the smile on your face the moment you realize you can have a spine-tingling, toe-curling orgasms, whenever you have sex!

It doesn’t matter if you have trouble ejaculating with one woman in particular, or many. I will show you how to redirect your sexual energy, and how to drop a giant Nuclear bomb on any mental roadblocks, anxieties, fears, insecurities, negative beliefs, relationship resentments—killing anything that holds you back from ejaculating during sex.

Plus, I'm going to show you how to polarize your cock. It's shockingly simple…

That's exactly what you discover when you go through my program–––

Stop Your Delayed Ejaculation!


You are about to receive a complete reboot of your brain's sexual machine…what's more, there are dozens techniques, tips and tricks for curing delayed ejaculation in this 4-part audio course.

STOP YOUR DELAYED EJACULATION contains 4 audio modules—over 6 hours of rock solid advice. It attacks delayed ejaculation from 4 different angles. This is a unified front against your inability to ejaculate. Each method by itself is powerful enough to solve your problem. Combined, your D.E. stands little chance.

Here they are:



  • How to bounce back when "DE triggers" cause you to get frustrated and embarrassed.
  • How to quit feeling isolated and alone and start solving your sex problem!
  • Why the Disney character Goofy will help you detach from all of your negative self talk, so it doesn't affect you when you have sex!
  • A magic riddle that exorcises your sexual demons and sends you and your partner to "sexual heaven" when you answer it correctly. (Delayed ejaculation cannot get to sex heaven!)
  • What happens in your brain and penis when a normal man has an orgasm––and why this isn't happening with you!
  • The top 10 biological causes of DE, how to know if you need professional help, who to call and what to ask them so you can have orgasms asap!
  • A Neuro Linguistic Programming exercise that literally takes you back in time and fixes any childhood issues that might cause delayed ejaculation.
  • 3 ways to regain your feeling of MANLINESS in the bedroom.
  • Why delayed ejaculation is like a Mission Impossible movie, and how to become the superhero of YOUR sex life.
  • Don't ever try to "force" and "strain" in order to climax…do this instead.
  • 12 Magic phrases that pump you up and make you want to cum.
  • A trick that guarantees you will look forward to sex…and never–EVER–dread sex again.
  • The top sexual 10 beliefs of a man with delayed ejaculation.
  • 6 reframing techniques to reprogram your sex beliefs so you cum all the time.
  • How a chiropractor might cure your delayed ejaculation.
  • 8 Things to say to regain control of your body in the bedroom.
  • How to make sure you never feel judged because of delayed ejaculation.


  • The charming "Black Widow" that is secretly MURDERING your sex drive.
  • Why your sex drive is as impressionable as a naive little kid…and how to influence it.
  • The Erectile Dysfunction APOCALYPSE. What it is and why it is destroying the sex lives of thousands of young men. (Including you!)
  • The brain patterns of a man with delayed ejaculation, and how to fix it FAST.
  • Why you should stop listening to "pop" advice and Hollywood romance tips if you want to cure your DE..and who to listen to instead.
  • How to become like a horny teenager who can't help but ejaculate too early during sex!
  • How Playboy can help you cure delayed ejaculation?
  • The quick and easy ritual that reprogram your libido, amplifies your passion, and give you a PhD understanding of what turns you on and gets you off! 
  • My formula for "gorilla confidence" in bed.
  • How to kill the feeling of sex being hard work.
  • Warning: Why BRAIN DAMMAGE might have caused your delayed ejaculation! (Hint: it's astonishingly straightforward to fix…but you must act quickly!)
  • How to permanently cure delayed ejaculation, and prevent any relapses!
  • The first step to "bouncing back" in the bedroom, and having butt-clenching orgasms that your girlfriend loves and craves.
  • Which sex habits cause delayed ejaculation, and which ones are safe…
  • Why your delayed ejaculation is over 10 years in the making, and what to do about it.
  • A software that cures delayed ejaculation? (Yup!)
  • How to exterminate the parasites that drain your sex drive.
  • The secret to having great sex DECADES into the future.


  • A trick that guarantees you will never "finish yourself off" again…
  • How to "Get Thirsty" so you know exactly how aroused you are at any given time.
  • How to "tune in" to the physical sensations and pleasures of sex. 
  • How to "Polarize Your Cock" so your "penis plumbing" is activated and ready to flow.
  • The secret to "magnetizing" your skin to your partner's.
  • 3 ways to bring back the lust and desire you once had for your partner.
  • How to block out distractions and other stimuli that prevent you from ejaculating.
  • How to have a Zen-like awareness of your body during sex.
  • How to get more comfortable with other people touching your body.
  • Your partner's job: What she has to do to help you get better.
  • How to get in touch with your "physical brain" and let go of your "emotional and logic" brain…so you boost your sensitivity to touch.
  • Sexy games to play to have some wild fun AND ejaculate.
  • How to make your woman feel like she is the sexiest woman alive.
  • How to magnify your nerve ending sensations and watch your "inner dialogue" dissappear during sex.
  • "The Joystick Ride." What it is, and how to do it so you get a massive boost in your arousal levels IMMEDIATELY.


  • How to save your relationship from delayed ejaculation!
  • What to do so you never have to come up with an awkard excuse about why you didn't cum again.
  • How to ensure your lover never feels confused, disappointed or unsexy if you don't ejaculate.
  • Why your EMOTIONS affect your penis and what to do about it.
  • The weird relationship dynamic that most D.E. sufferers have fallen into…and how to get out of it.
  • How to make your partner become your personal cheer leader who guides you out of delayed ejaculation. (Having a team player is KEY to curing DE.)
  • Step-by-step, how to soak up the poison in your relationship which may be blocking your ability to ejaculate.
  • How to make your girlfriend appreciate you by default, no matter how rotten she has treated you in the past.
  • The world's #1 way to forgive an old grudge and why this automatically improves your sex.
  • How to keep a clear mind during sex.
  • 4 ways to grow closer to your woman and open up to her, which help to polarize your cock.
  • How to untangle a complicated relationship.
  • What to do if she is accusing you of cheating…
  • 4 Words that convince her that you are not gay!
  • How to change your view of your girlfriend or wife at will: Oddly enough, this is really easy to do and it makes her HOTTER.
  • How to release yourself from the grip of emotional poison that causes delayed ejaculation.
  • My number relationship role model, and how he helped to cure my DE and saved a relationship.
  • The type of relationship that will make your delayed ejaculation permanent…How to spot it and leave before it's too late!
  • How to anchor mind and body to the present moment during sex, so you ENJOY it, and you don't run a negativity loop in your mind.
  • And much, much more!

Each module is bursting at the seams with tips and tricks for treating, curing—stopping delayed ejaculation.

Finally! You can have the sex life you want so badly…

And here's the best part—

Order Discreetly and 100% Anonymously.

When you order today, NOBODY WILL KNOW.

The charge on your credit card will come up as Jack Parker LLC. Nobody will ever know that you invested in this life changing course. (Though a select few will certainly notice the difference in bed!)

And the price?

You'll smile when you hear it.

I used to do 1-on-1 consultations to help men just like you cure their D.E.

I'd teach the very same techniques you are about to learn, only I used to charge about $100 per hour.  If I were to coach you, and teach you the identical information, it might cost $500.00.

You won't have to pay any where near that!

Today, you get a bargain —all 5 sessions of STOP YOUR DELAYED EJACULATION for only $67.

That's only 44 cents a day for my 90 day program.

Click the Add To Cart button to get instant access to STOP YOUR DELAYED EJACULATION:

When you click the orange Add To Cart button, you'll be taken to a secure order from. Simply enter your payment information, and hit the button that says, "complete your order", and your access to all 5 modules of STOP YOUR DELAYED EJACULATION will be emailed to you instantly. Go ahead, click the Add to Cart button now…

Still trying do decide?

You don't have to decide now!

Try STOP YOUR DELAYED EJACULATION Risk Free With My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee….



You're not asking for much dammit—

You just want to have a happy, normal sex life.

You want to look straight into your woman's eyes and show her how badly she turns you on…

You want to have "quickies" in once in a while, without worrying that you "might not go"…

It is your BIRTHRIGHT as a man to enjoy sex—you deserve it!

But you've got to do something about it—RIGHT NOW.

It's not your fault that you got Delayed Ejaculation, but now that you know the way out—the completely RISK FREE way out—it is your responsibility to take action.

You need to click on that "Add to Cart" button, because unless you do something different…

Something BETTER

Something SMARTER…

The only sex you will ever enjoy, is the sex you have WITH YOURSELF.

Click the Add To Cart button to get instant access to STOP YOUR DELAYED EJACULATION:

To many more amazing sexual adventures!

Your friend,





P.S. Everything in STOP YOUR DELAYED EJACULATION is braindead simple, yet extremely powerful. You WILL see results, and you can put it to the ultimate test with my 90 day money back guarantee. You need to check this out right now.

P.P.S. Don't spend another night in bed curled onto your side, asking yourself why you couldn't cum…This course is REALLY for your own good. Remember, if you wait too long, this really might become permanent, and every second you wait lowers your chances of recovery. Get this course before it's too late!

P.P.P.S. For any questions, comments or queries, send me an email:


Click the Add To Cart button to get instant access to STOP YOUR DELAYED EJACULATION:



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